Personalised SEO Services

Geelong SEO Expert - Personalised SEO

I'm not like an agency ... I work on your SEO with you directly, without outsourcing any of the hard stuff. You don't get this from any of the big SEO agencies so you know your website is in the best of hands.

Digital Marketing Experience

Geelong SEO Expert - Experience

I have over 10 years experience of leading SEO strategy for multi-million dollar businesses. I eat, sleep and breathe SEO. I know exactly what it takes to reach the top and I won't stop until I get you there.

Proven results

Geelong SEO Expert - Results

I have the runs on the board. With over 10 years of leading SEO strategy, I have the results to prove that I know what I'm doing. I have increased organic traffic by an average of 550% across all of my previous clients. Why wouldn't you want that too?!

How did you find me?

Geelong SEO

Think about how you reached the PruySEO website. Did you search on Google for "Geelong SEO"? Maybe you typed in "Geelong SEO Expert"? I outrank my competition, so who better to look after your SEO.

Based in Geelong

Geelong SEO Expert - Geelong Based

I'm based locally in the Geelong region. Wouldn't you prefer a locally based Geelong SEO expert to work with your business, over someone who is based interstate? We can meet locally too! 

Contact me today

Geelong SEO Expert - Contact me

You've probably got lots of questions. I have the answers! 

I'm always happy to talk to you about where you want your website to go and how we can get you there. Contact me today.